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Join Andrew Tate in The Real World

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From the Top G, Andrew Tate:

“When awoken from sleep I’m instantly furious.

Both excited and angry.

I wake up looking for a fight. A fight against anything. Against being broke and against being weak.

While most of you crawl out of bed not wanting to go clock in, my mindset is driven by aggressive action.

It’s what pulled me from homelessness to winning world championships.

And it’s what I used to turn myself into someone worth millions.

Understand none of this was just “luck”, it was my mindset backed by action.

I lived a life of pain to achieve the impossible and every day my struggle continues.

As the world is not enough. I want it all.

I simply can’t relate to you. How are you so happy just getting by?

When you only have 1 chance to experience this reality.

Instead of spending your human existence getting rich, being in the top physical shape, and seeing everything this world has to offer.

You just keep doing as your boss says as any good little slave would.

For me, nobody tells me shit.

Yet I spend most of your monthly yearly wage on a night out. Think about that for a minute.

All because I’ve built a mindset that allows me to do anything. Overcoming any and every obstacle thrown my way.

And you can have this as well. However, you’d rather take the safe route saving your money and hoping that something changes for you.

When deep down inside you know that’s never going to happen.

You have only one life.”

From TateSpeech on Telegram

Join Andrew Tate The Real World

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