Andrew Tate: Don’t be lazy in the real world

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Andrew Tate: Don’t be lazy in the real world

Andrew Tate Don't be lazy in the real world

“I think back to all the time I spent in my 20s training and fighting.

6 hours every single day. It’s all I did.

And I smile.

I look at most people my age and it’s very clear they spent their 20s doing very little at all.

6 hours a day, 6 days a week for 10 years.

Almost 20,000 hours.

Tell me what you did with those EXACT SAME 20k hours.

Oh? You don’t remember?

Exactly. Nothing.

A few video games. A little YouTube.

J**ked off now and then.


I retired from fighting for one reason only.

I decided if I put that same time and energy into making money, I’d find a way to become filthy rich.

Understand something:

It’s truly amazing what you can achieve if you stop being a lazy fuck and actually TRY.

When was the last time you TRIED for something with ALL of your might?


It’s been a while, hasn’t it…


My life is a testament to the power of focused aggression and self-confidence.

From never thinking “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Constant action forces the universe to comply.

World champion. Millionaire.

1000% effort is a habit.”

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