Andrew Tate doesn’t fail in The Real World

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Andrew Tate doesn’t fail in The Real World

Andrew Tate doesn't fail in The Real World

I am extremely strict with MYSELF.

I do not allow myself to be lazy. I do not allow myself to be unprofessional.

Even though you see me popping bottles, traveling the world, and living my dream life.
Nothing stops me from achieving my goals.


So when I watch YOU a full grown man FAIL in a scenario in which I simply WOULD NOT afford myself the luxury.

I’ve conditioned my body through thousands of hours in the gym.

Yet most of you have trouble working out a few times a week.

I was broke for most of my life, then committed 1000% effort to becoming rich until I became a multi-millionaire.

Yet you get tired after a “long day at the job”.

How can I empathize?

I didn’t have someone like me showing me how to live like them.

From getting rich to women, and everything which makes me who I am today – I had to figure it out alone.

Trading all of my 20s to do so.

If you’re one of the few people in my newsletter with the hunger to make things happen.

And you’ve got the basics covered like a decent job, but you want more out of life.

Your only option is to be around other elite people.

Who are progressing in every area of their life and by default your life will change as well.

Because you can’t be like those who fail at doing the average every day and still expect to become elite.

We are making moves that nobody has done before.

If you have what it takes?”

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