Andrew Tate explains how to deal with stress in The Real World

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Andrew Tate explains how to deal with stress in The Real World

Andrew Tate explains how to deal with stress in The Real World

From the Top G himself, Mr Andrew Tate:

“I passed many jealous losers while driving 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of cars.

They’re so weak mentally that they don’t see the obvious.

If I can do it, they can at least do half of what I do.

And many of you are the same, just unlike them, you understand it’s possible.

The only problem you have in your life is stress.

Stress from your girl. Stress from getting to work on time. Stress from whatever happens to be happening in your reality.

Understand that stress evolved to demonstrate the importance of events. Events such as food, shelter, etc.

But you’ve let it run rampant.

You’re stressing over shit you shouldn’t. You have food. You have shelter. Regain control of your mind NOW.

When was the last time you sat down and forced your mind to do something it didn’t want to do?

And I’m not talking about sitting down to do 50 pushups.

I mean deciding for the next hour you’re going to do nonstop burpees without fail. As you force your body to move weight – to grow strong.

You should do the same mentally. Decide to be ecstatically happy for the next 48 hours.

Regardless of what you’re doing or what’s happening, command yourself to be happy.

Consider it training.

Do not fail.

And if you’re successful, you’re beginning to understand the power of your mind.

That you can get whatever you want from life.

Nothing else will suffice.

No meditations or hope will do it.

Only by taking control over your mind will make it possible.

Until then you’ll drift through life half-awake like every other loser. While people like me rise and shine.”

From TateSpeech on Telegram

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