Andrew Tate TheRealWorld: the world has tricked you

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Andrew Tate TheRealWorld: the world has tricked you

Andrew Tate TheRealWorld

From the desk of Andrew Tate:

“The world has tricked you into being miserable…

They’ve made you think that waking up every day to drive to your job and getting just enough money to pay your bills is normal.

More than likely all of your friends live this way as well.

Making your current way of living even more normal.

And most don’t know there’s more to life than this.

But you understand that you can do more.

That’s part of why you read my emails. To understand what I am about to tell you.

The finest life a man can have is living with men he could trust to die beside him.

To be big and strong. World-renowned at violence, supercars to drive, and world travel – all the material bullshit.

With unlimited females begging for time with him. Leading to choosing one of them to have children with.

Anything less than this is slavery, but this is normal to you so it’s HARD to change.

How do you break out of this?

The quickest way to break out of this is to get around people living how you want.

If you want to be rich?
Get around other rich people.

If you want to drive supercars?
Get around people who have 12.

If you’re tired of being bad with women?
Get around people who have the adoration of many.

It’s really this simple.

Because by default you will condition yourself to see all of those things as normal.

Stop letting the system make you a slave.

Break free.”

From TateSpeech on Telegram

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