The ONLY place a man can be happy is the top 1%.

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The ONLY place a man can be happy is the top 1%.

Andrew Tate is 1 percent

From The Top G, Andrew Tate:

“If you knew what I knew.

If you were as smart as I am.

If you had seen what I’VE SEEN.

You would know that the ONLY place a man can be happy is the top 1%.

Access to the best women.

Access to the most expensive cars.

Earning people’s yearly income in a day without doing any actual work.

All while being in top physical condition.

This is my reality.

And anywhere else is torture.

WOMEN can be average – become a mother.

And be happy.

Average men are NEVER happy.


No man will be happy working a shitty job.

Begging his girlfriend who is a 5 for a blowjob.

While driving a Prius to pick up groceries.

And even if you earn a 6-figure income?

I guarantee you’re not in the top 1% elsewhere.

You’re destined for a life of torture if you live this way.

And the only reason you don’t try your hardest is because you don’t believe you can do it.

If you knew it was possible.

You’d give it everything.

You would work 18 hours a day until you had 1 million in the bank.

You would make fitness a priority and get into top physical condition.

And you’d make being in the top 1% your reality.

But you won’t until you understand absolutely that you can do it.

To keep things simple…

You will start with one area specifically.

Whether it’s money, fitness, mindset, girls, or building a network.

Doesn’t matter.

Start with 1 area.”

Quote from TateSpeech Telegram

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