Your energy cannot be destroyed. Only converted.

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Your energy cannot be destroyed. Only converted.

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“Right now you’re seeing millions of people obsessing over the war in Ukraine, global inflation, or Kanye being canceled.

Tweeting endlessly about it. Talking about it. Marching.

They are giving the only thing they have – their energy.

But I will tell you something they don’t know…

Understand your energy cannot be destroyed. Only converted. Changed.

You feel despair? Your mind can’t rest? You can’t sleep?


You’re lucky. despair has BLESSED YOU.

How do you use it? Self-destruction or world conquest?

While you see everyone destroying themselves with despair.

You can use this energy to conquer the world.

Using your energy to build your body in the gym.

Using your energy to increase your income.

Networking with other like-minded people who aren’t settling with a life of slavery.

Become a Force of Nature unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The world is changing and you can either be prepared or annihilated.

If you’re not a slave…

You’ve been waiting for this moment.

It’s time for you to become unstoppable.

If you were told how,

Would you do it?”

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