Andrew Tate: Time to get honest with yourself

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Andrew Tate: Time to get honest with yourself

Andrew Tate - Time to get honest with yourself

From the emails of Andrew Tate (go to to sign up for them free):

“Now is the time for you to get honest with yourself…

Girls don’t want to **** you. You earn shit from your day job. And your mindset is weak.

You move through the world wondering why things are hard for you.

Then you see somebody like me.

Never sleeps with anything less than an 8 who by your definition is a 10.

I make gut decisions and make in a week what most earn in 40 years.

I drive 1 of my supercars every day.

And I live the life James Bond pretends to.

The reality is that most of you have had a better start than I did. You’ve probably never been homeless or had assassination attempts.

For you, it’s been about being “motivated” and paying your bills.

What’s the difference between you and me?

The difference comes down to each of our perceptions of the world.

While you see the world as being built around random draws of luck.

I see EVERY single problem as being sent by the Universe to test me.

You’d lose sleep over $100 or trying to get a *******. While I sleep well knowing I’ve got to come up with $240,000 within a week.

And that’s always been how I have approached my life. I smile in the face of my adversary.

Knowing I’ve gotten yet another test from the Lord to prove I’m THE best.

You could test me endlessly – waiting for me to break. Yet you’d waste all of your time against my Iron Mind.

This is why you read my words from wherever you are right now.

Open your eyes to what the current challenges are in your life.

They’re not something to hold you back.

Instead, they have been sent to you for you to see if you’re really as great as you think you are.

Understand most will waste their human existence by becoming passive. Allowing the Universe to grind them down.

You however have the opportunity to face whatever comes your way with a smile. Overcoming it and then moving forward.

Living an exceptional life isn’t easy, but it’s the only thing that will fulfill you.”

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