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Andrew Tate explains how to deal with stress in The Real World

From the Top G himself, Mr Andrew Tate: “I passed many jealous losers while driving 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of cars. They’re so weak mentally that they don’t see the obvious. If I can do it, they can at least do half of what I do. And many of you are the same,…
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Andrew Tate TheRealWorld: the world has tricked you

From the desk of Andrew Tate: “The world has tricked you into being miserable‚Ķ They’ve made you think that waking up every day to drive to your job and getting just enough money to pay your bills is normal. More than likely all of your friends live this way as well. Making your current way…
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The ONLY place a man can be happy is the top 1%.

From The Top G, Andrew Tate: “If you knew what I knew. If you were as smart as I am. If you had seen what I’VE SEEN. You would know that the ONLY place a man can be happy is the top 1%. Access to the best women. Access to the most expensive cars. Earning…
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